lighthouse gallery

Litehouse Gallery is a platform that engages in new ideas, perspectives and new audiences to bridge British and Syrian cultures together through collaborative educational programs and workshops between the international Syrian art community and British artists and audiences.

Our Mission is to represent emerging Syrian contemporary artists, promote their work through exhibitions and events in London and encourage new forms of cultural exchange between Syrian and British artists. We will achieve this by showcasing and developing a market in Syrian art in London through a start-up online gallery and an accessible physical space.
We aim to become the foremost and most dynamic physical location for Syrian art in London, with a reputation for organizing exciting and innovative exhibitions and events that excites and grows the market; and become the main hub for Syrian artists in London.

We are dedicated to nurturing and supporting the production of art through our extensive network and relationships with contemporary Syrian artists through the Art Residency program in Lebanon founded in 2012. We are consequently well positioned to present outstanding Syrian art and culture and succeed in this exciting market.

We are also committed to creating a strong identity that stands for integrity, freedom of expression and addresses the misconceptions that may exist about Syrian people and their present predicament.