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Asem Hamsho
Collection of Places of Zero Time:
This project is the result of a 3-year on-the-field photographic work in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon, from 2013 to 2016. During these 3 years, I photographed hundreds of refugees in the camps of Beqaa and Ersal where I was simultaneously working as a volunteer on educative projects. The 72 pictures of this album focus on 5 main topics :
– Women who are the pillars of society and that guarantee the well functioning of the camp.
– Children who spend their stolen childhood waiting in these camps
– School and the motivation it arouses amongst children
– Life in the camps, allegorically represented by the recurrent image of the tents’ reflection in the mud
– Tents made of promotional tarps of luxury products that ironically remind the public of the economic, social and philosophical gap between the refugees and the outside world.
The choice of black and white pictures is meant to reinforce: the time-less and frozen aspect of life in the camps where people do nothing but wait; as well as the universality of the refugees’ living conditions, wherever they may be.

Work Experience
❖ Photography
Mar 2018 Places of Zero Time – Diocesan House – Strasbourg, France
Sept 2017 Places of Zero Time – Noo Toos. St. Peter the Old – Strasbourg, France
Sept 2017 Places of Zero Time – Protestant Media Library – Strasbourg, France
Aug 2017 Carte blanche, Collective exhibition – Festival “Syrien n’est fait” #2 – Paris, France
Jun 2017 Places of Zero Time – Zeltschule E.V. – Munich, Germany
Jan 2017 At the edge of the earth, Individual exhibition – Polysonnance – Châteaulin, France
Jun 2016 At the edge of the earth, Individual exhibition on the Status of Women in Refugee Camps – Cité industrielle de Vincennes – Paris, France
2015 Children in camps, Collective exhibition – Nancy, France

❖ Social and Education
2013 Founding member of the NGO “Alphabet for Alternative Education”, Syrian refugee camps, Lebanon
NGO aiming to the creation of schools, to children’s education and protection from the psychological and physical suffering caused by their living conditions in refugee camps. It provides psychological support which helps them deal with what they endured during war and exile.
2007-2011 Member of the hiking and travel group “Ruwad lil-mashi wa al-rahala”
Photography of all activities in several regions of Syria
Participation in all the campaigns that the group organized:
– “Clean Up the Barada River of Dirt” Campaign – Damascus, Syria (2009)
– “Let’s Make Green” Campaign – Planting of 2,000 trees on one of the mountains surrounding Damascus, Syria (2010)
– “No to plastic bags!” Campaign (2010)
❖ Trade and Marketing
2007- 2011 Marketing and Sales – SPECTRA-LLC (Apple Syria) – Damascus, Syria
2005 Marketing Workshop (3 months) – Apple – Al-Khober, Saudi Arabia
Asem Hamsho
15 rue Henri Ribière
BP 608, 75019 Paris
Tél : +33 781772901
38 years old – Syrian
2004 Licence Journalism – Damascus University, Syria