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Farah Azrak
b. Damascus, Syria 1986
Work Experience
– Nov 2015 – Jul 2016 Beirut, Lebanon:
Coordination Officer*, Art Residence Aley: Assisting in proposal writing, communication material, coordinating with artists, event planning and presentation design.

– April 2014 – Oct 2015 Shatila Refugee Camp, Lebanon:
Project Manager*, Basmeh & Zeitooneh: Project Manager for Women’s Embroidery Workshop at 3 centers. Managing a team of 9, overseeing design, production and sales for over 400 items, monthly reports, customer service, and more…

– Apr 2015 – Jul 2015 Shatila Refugee Camp, Lebanon:
Campaign manager*, Basmeh & Zeitooneh: Fundraising campaign manager: coordinating a team of 5 and overseeing coomunication material, campaign design, 4 campaign films and 2 major events.

– Apr 2012 – Apr 2013 London, Lebanon:
Community events, Passing Clouds: Part-time help in organising events and community gatherings such as: art therapy and sound, ecstatic dance, children’s activities, meditation workshops and open mic nights.

– Sep 2009 – Aug 2010 Damascus, Syria:
Owner, Bloo T-Shirts: Small business manager overseeing product design, production at local cotton factorues, marketing and distribution of t-shirts in Damascus and Beirut.

– Jan 2007 – Sep 2007 Montreal, CA:
Merchandising, Harry Rosen: Merchandising and Visual Presentation: develop strategic methods of merchandising and creative store windows.

Formal Education
2010 – 2013 London, UK: Fashion Design BA Hons 2:1. Istituto Marangoni: Specializing in concept design and research, textiles and draping. Final project involved hand-making felt fabrics and one-seam draping techniques.

2005 – 2008 Montreal, CA: Fashion Marketing DEC, College LaSalle: Specializing in communication and coordination of group projects. Top 3 finalists for the gradutaion final project.

Extracurricular Training
2012- Present UK and NL
Somatics: Movement and Dance: Somatic Movement Training, NL; Embodied Presence Foundation Training, UK; 2 years 5Rhythms practice, UK; Ecstatic Dance practice, UK; Ongoing personal studio practice and research.

2013 – Present UK and Other
Vipassana Meditation: Intensive meditation retreat 6 months long, ongoing daily practice and yearly retreats at various meditation centers around the world.

2008 – Present CA, UK, LB, NL
Yoga: Sattva Yoga Shala, CA; NOK Shala Yoga, LB; The Life Center, UK. Retreats in India and Portugal.

Work Placements
Jul 2013 – Sep 2013 Fife, Scotland
Art of Mentoring: volunteer organising team: setting up camp, organising schedules, following up with managers.

Jul 2011 – Sep 2011 London, UK
Alexander McQueen: Couture Department: wokring on exhibition dresses, exclusice bridal couture, corsets samples, client fittings, drafting patterns for samples and organising dresses archive room.

Apr 2008 – Sep 2008 New York, US
Harper’s Bazaar: Marketing department: filing RFP reports, event planning, weekly sales meetings, creative research, occaisonally executive manager assistance position.

Art Practice
2015 – Present: Collage photo-montage
2014 – one month: Resident collaborative project on Dance for Camera
2013 – Present: Fabric as representation of movement and space: research projects
2012 – 2014: Ink on Paper illustrations

Fall 2016, London: Group show and Auction: Women Syrian Artists: showcasing collage art works.
Fall 2015, Beirut: Art Residence Aley: Embroideries of Actualities Open Studio, collective project.
Summer 2015, Beirut: ARA Book Launch: Art in Crisis: group exhibition, ink illustrations and paintings.
Spring 2014, Beirut: UNHCR Art, Culinary and Artisanal Fair: group exhibitionof blue ink illustartions.