Houssam Ballan


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Houssam Ballan

Date of Birth: 1982

– Graduated from the Technical School of Swaida , Carpentry Dept. (2000)
– Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, from the University of Damascus, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Dept. (2005)
– Member of the Teacher Association, Damascus University: Tutoring at the Faculty of Fine Arts since (2009 )
– Workshop (mural painting ) with the National Union of Syrian Students in Arwad island (2009)
– painting workshop with homeless children, Followed by an exhibition for their artworks (2008).
– Workshop organized by Cervantes Institute with the Spanish artist Jose Freixanes (2007)
– Workshop in mural painting with the French artist Pierre Palas (2004)

– Excellent painting skills with a wide range of techniques and media.
– Expert calligrapher, with an excellent practice of Islamic and Arabic ornaments, using different techniques.
– Skilful sculptor.
– skills of engraving and printing techniques.
– Good experience with interior design and decorations.


– Contracted with Ayyam Gallery as a professional painter (2007,2008,2009)
– Collective exhibitions and auctions with Ayyam Gallery in several places around the world
– Arab Cultural Centre, three collective exhibitions Swaida (2005,2007,2010)
– Plastic Artists’ Union of Syria Al Shaab Gallery , Collective exhibition for painters from Swaida (2005)
– Al Rawaq Gallery, Two collective exhibitions, Damascus ( 2003,2005)
– French Cultural Centre in Damascus (2004): The exhibition of the workshop done with the French artist Pierre Palas.
– French Cultural Week in Swaida (2006): Joint exhibition
– Alpha Gallery, Swaida, The Persistent joint exhibition
– Faculty of Fine Arts, ‘Recycling’ : Collective exhibition , Damascus ( 2007)
– Mark hashem gallery , solo exhibition Beirut ( 2014)