VELVET SOCIETY: Power and Glamour in 90s Damascus 23June – 23July 2022

1- Event Type Private View Event Title Velvet Society: Power and Glamour in 90s Damascus Private View with Live Solo Viola Performance by Raghad Haddad General Information Litehouse Gallery is honoured to present Velvet Society, an exhibition displaying the creative acts of survival in fashion and fabric of two Syrian women, civil engineer Raghad Mardini [...]

VELVET SOCIETY: Intersectional Feminism in the Middle East 16July 2022

Event Type Symposium Event Title Intersectional Feminism in the Middle East General Information Lebanese designer and activist, Rana Khoury will speak about her social enterprise ‘Phenomenal Women’, which links women living in difficult situations and survivors of gender-based violence to better opportunities and help them leave the never-ending cycle of violence. Name: Rana Khoury Title [...]

VELVET SOCIETY: Elena Cecchinato, Which Story, Whose Histories? 9July 2022

Event Type Workshop Event Title Which Story, Whose Histories? General Information This free two-part workshop hosted by artist Elena Cecchinato is aimed at refugee children and adults. Participants will learn to rework a vintage photograph, giving new life and narrative to it by a stitching and weaving process that will spark new visual conversations with [...]

VELVET SOCIETY: Social Fabrics: Interwoven Identities 30June 2022

Event Type Gallery talk Event Title Social Fabrics: Interwoven Identities General Information A live panel with the famous Lebanese novelists Hanan Al Shaykh and Prof. Iman Humaydan. With both novelists speaking about their books - Al Shaykh’s The Locust and the Bird: My Mother’s Story, Humaydan’s The Weight of Paradise - the panel will explore [...]

VELVET SOCIETY: Bird / Human, Heba Al-Akkad 25June 2022

Event Type Workshop Event Title Bird / Human General Information This free workshop hosted by artist Heba Al-Akkad is aimed at children and young people. Using fabric and puppetry techniques, participants will explore self-identity and coding through clothes by creating their own figures using textile and cardboard boxes. Bring an old photo that has meaning [...]

In Which Language do we dream?

16 October 2021 Impressions Gallery We are familiar with the news headlines and the photographic images of the so-called ‘refugee crisis’. But what happens after displacement to those who are resettled and try to rebuild their lives? What about personal stories, and the relationships that form between new friends and new neighbors? And how do [...]

Travel without moving

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Community and Educational Program

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“Homes. Syrian stories through artists’ eyes”

"Homes. Syrian stories through artists' eyes" Project launch to the European Parliament, Brussels, 24th April 2018 On 24th April, the artistic festival Homes. Syrian Stories through Artists' Eyes will be presented at the European Parliament, Brussels, during the second Brussels international conference on “Supporting the Future of Syria and the region”, hosted by the European Union and [...]

The Jasmin Sneeze Art Project

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