In Which Language do we dream?

16 October 2021 Impressions Gallery We are familiar with the news headlines and the photographic images of the so-called ‘refugee crisis’. But what happens after displacement to those who are resettled and try to rebuild their lives? What about personal stories, and the relationships that form between new friends and new neighbors? And how do [...]

Travel without moving

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Community and Educational Program

  The Fun Kids Kit {{ vc_btn: title=Back+to+Events&align=center&button_block=true&custom_onclick=true&link=url%3A%252Fevents%252F%7C%7C%7C }}

“Homes. Syrian stories through artists’ eyes”

"Homes. Syrian stories through artists' eyes" Project launch to the European Parliament, Brussels, 24th April 2018 On 24th April, the artistic festival Homes. Syrian Stories through Artists' Eyes will be presented at the European Parliament, Brussels, during the second Brussels international conference on “Supporting the Future of Syria and the region”, hosted by the European Union and [...]

The Jasmin Sneeze Art Project

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Speaker at Fresh Start launch evening

London South Bank University supported by European Commission, Citizens UK and Nwes Fresh start develops and enhances the entrepreneurial skills of ambitious migrants in London and offers young migrants the chance to take part in a tailored business support programme. {{ vc_btn: title=Back+to+Events&align=center&link=url%3A%252Fevents%252F%7C%7C%7C&button_block=true&custom_onclick=true }}

Dinner and auction at The Art Club at Dover street in London, October 2017

In support of Flourish Foundation for healing through art therapy working with Syrian Refugees in Ritsona Camp in Greece, Litehouse Gallery organized an auction with a painting donated by the Syrian artist Kevork Mourad based in NY. Painting was sold and all 100% of proceeds were donated to Flourish Foundation as part of our humanitarian [...]

Panel: Arab Women Artists now

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Syrian National Orchestra presenting at the Pink house

March 2017   Litehouse Gallery organized an evening at the Pink House, Beautiful Home of Artist Tolstoy in Battersea, with a line-up of performers and an auction of works of art to follow. Two Musicians from The Syrian National Orchestra, Violinist Raghad Haddad and Vocalist Rania performed live traditional songs and music and were greatly [...]

Youth Action for Refugees panel, London Southbank University

  Youth Action for Refugees panel at London Southbank University 'London: City or Diversity or Closed Borders' March 2017 {{ vc_btn: title=Back+to+Events&align=center&link=url%3A%252Fevents%252F%7C%7C%7C&button_block=true&custom_onclick=true }}