What is Litehouse Gallery?
Lighthouse Gallery is a platform to engage in new ideas, perspectives and new audiences bridging British and Syrian cultures through collaborative educational programs and workshops between the international Syrian art community and British artists and audiences. We are dedicated to nurturing and supporting the production of art through our extensive network and relationships with contemporary Syrian artists through the Art Residency program in Lebanon founded in 2012. We are consequently well positioned to present outstanding Syrian art and culture and succeed in this exciting market. We are also committed to creating a strong identity that stands for integrity, freedom of expression and address the misconceptions that may exist about Syrian people and their present predicament.

What are the objectives of Litehouse Gallery?

• Organize solo and collective shows for emerging and established Syrian artists and promote their work in London in a programme of exhibitions and art events;
• Invite Syrian artists to visit London to communicate some of the richness of contemporary Syrian art through workshops with local artists;
• Identify and develop longer term projects that will engage both cultural and wider communities;
• Collaborate with other galleries and cultural spaces to organize events combining art, music and poetry from Syria.

How do you find your artists?
We are connected to a vast network of Syrian artists living in Syria, Lebanon, Europe and the United States, we have built our connection with the artists through the art residency programme in Lebanon ARA since 2012 and we follow up their updated news and works.
Where can I find more information about artists I am interested in?
We share the portrait and CV of each artist, as he/she presented it, on his/her profile, our press section has news about artists and media coverage of latest activities and exhibitions organized by the gallery.

Do I need to register to place an order?
You need to sign in in order to see prices of artworks, “add to cart” button will appear, and you can make an order by pressing the button.

How can I buy an artwork?
In order to buy an artwork through our website, you need to have an account and log in. When you like an artwork and you press” Add to Cart” button which appears beside the price of the artwork, You will be directed to a page where you fill in with your address and details, We will be notified and we will get in touch with you by phone or by email to give you our bank account details for payment and make arrangements for shipping.

Will purchased artworks be delivered framed or unframed?
You will find a description under each artwork of how it is going to be delivered, if you have any preference, you can include that in the order message box and we take that into consideration.

Does artwork price include shipping?
No. The shipping cost will be calculated according to address of delivery after you make the order.

How much time does it take for an order to be processed and an artwork to be shipped?
Your artwork will be shipped to you one day after we receive the payment. We will send a tracking number to track the parcel.

When will the artwork be delivered?
The artwork may take 7-15 days for delivery depending on your location. Time of delivery might be longer for commissioned works.

What do I expect to receive with the delivery?
You will receive a certificate of Authenticity of the purchased artwork signed by the artist.

How do I return an artwork?
You have seven days from the day of delivery to return an artwork to the sender’s address, You will pay for the packing, shipping and insurance fees for the return parcel and you will refunded the original price you paid. The artwork must not be damaged upon receipt.

Can I commission an artwork from one of the artists?
Please connect with Litehouse Gallery art advisor to find out which artist can personalize your request.

Will I see the work I commission in progress?
You will be notified by email of the start and progress of the commissioned order and we will communicate with the artist to show you progress work so it would be a shared journey experience.

What can I get from the Complimentary Art Advisory?
Litehouse Gallery will provide you with advise and guidance through the process of purchasing a new artwork, we will learn about your taste and preferred style and colors and will cater to that as close as possible.

Can I see more unpublished works by a particular artist?
Litehouse Gallery has an extensive archive of artists works that might not be published online, we will send more exclusive photos of artworks of a certain artist upon your request.

How can I become part of Litehouse Gallery if I am an artist?
Kindly send us your CV and Portfolio with photos of works and our curator will look into them and get back to you shortly. Our team aims to strongly promote and support your works in London through numerous events and exhibitions throughout the year.

Do I have to be from the Middle East or based in the Middle East?
You are eligible to become one of our artists if you are of Middle Eastern origin and background.
If we haven’t yet answered your questions, please feel free to email us on Raghad@litehousegallery.co.uk  and I will answer straight back to you.