VELVET SOCIETY: Healing by getting together, Farah Azrak 25June 2022

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Healing by getting together
Part of refugee week on 25.06.2022 supported by Counterpoints Arts

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Azrak will offer a workshop to explore the theme of coming together through a collective canvas of stories in collage form using different materials and media available. The workshop will focus on releasing the imagination of the participants and collectively coming together to create a work that embodies dreams and longings as a form for healing memory.
Farah Azrak, born and raised in Damascus, Syria is a multidisciplinary artist, performer, and Somatic Movement and Voice practitioner currently living in Beirut, Lebanon. Her work converges on the body as a main gateway, and diverges in multiform mediums to reiterate relationship to self, other, and the environment. Her works were exhibited in London, Paris, Milan, Yerevan, and Beirut. Alongside her artistic practice, she works as a creative psycho-social support facilitator in various communities in Lebanon

Farah Azrak
Litehouse Gallery

Raghad Mardini
Litehouse gallery

25th June 2022

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supported by Counterpoints Arts

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Raghad Mardini
Litehouse Gallery Limited
Phone: +447497106676

“It was a really worthwhile experience and I enjoyed her approach to the medium of collage and its potential for exploring difficult political themes.
We were led in this by Farah in an introductory sound and movement session which helped to generate ideas.
The activity following this of making a group piece was very involving and everyone seemed to enjoy it as much as I did, sharing together  ideas and responses etc t
The resources (magazines, paper, primed canvas, brushes and glue) were very well thought out and a nice quality, which all contributed to a good final result!”
Christina Lorimer


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