“Home through the Artists Eyes” 9-10 October 2020 London

Litehouse Gallery presents

Contemporary Stories Through Artists’ Eyes

9th – 10th October 2020
At the Freeman Foundation, 235 A Portobello Road, London W11 1LT

This pop-up exhibition is an immediate response to the recent tragic blast in Beirut’s port that destroyed thousands of houses, leaving thousands of Syrian and Lebanese people homeless.

The exhibition will take you on a journey that crosses borders in search of a transnational identity that is multi-layered, at times displaced, yet intact and coherent. The stories and artworks are lyrical metaphors of the artist’s current circumstances, everyday experiences and dreams of homecoming, whilst raising questions about the elsewhere and the space in-between places.

Home is a feeling. Home is a landscape and a vision of our intimate being and desires. Home is co-creating with others a shared sense of belonging. This group show explores these themes with the aim of rediscovering the roots of a common culture, at the same time as offering a place and a space where artists can express their cultural identity and belonging.

Home: Contemporary Stories Through Artists’ Eye is a rare opportunity to view artworks by our Syrian and British artists.

Through the transformative power of art we can transcend dislocation, transform the pain of physical exile, resolve the contradiction of past and present, and overcome instability, dispossession and loss. Home is where the Art is.

Dates and Opening Hours, Private Opening Friday 9th October 2020 @ 6:00-9:00 PM
Saturday 10th October 2020 @ 11:00 AM -8 PM
Venue – The Freeman Foundation, 235 A Portobello Road, London W11 1LT
Entrance from Hayden’s Place
Curated by – Raghad Mardini

Artworks by Artists -¬¬ Shadi Abu Saada, Heba Akkad, Farah Azrak, Tamman Azzam, Adel Daoud, Assem Hamsho, Fadi Hamwi, Mohamad Labash, Ghylan Safaldi, Iman Hasban, Noha Zayed, Chris Ward, Susana Giron.

Photos © Chris Ward And Twiggles_UK

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