Bahram Hajou

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Born in 1952 in North Syria to a Kurdish family, Bahram Hajou travelled to Baghdad in the early 1970s to study Fine Arts. He later moved to Prague followed by East Germany, West Berlin, and finally studying at the Dusseldorf Arts Academy. He lives and works in Münster, New York and Paris. An artist with multiple identities, Syrian, Kurdish and German, he sees himself as a citizen of the world.

Hajou paints the bodies of men and women in countless configurations, at times lost in space, paralysed, neither separated nor together, always looking to the horizon. He expresses deeply felt existential pain, and the need for people to love without fears and taboos. There is a silent dialogue – language without language. The body language expresses sadness, numbness, and lack of understanding.
His work is courageously exposed and honest. His women emerge as strong. The men bear his unmistakeable features. Through self-analysis he deals with self- Identity, relations with the other, love versus hate, affection versus rejection, and every emotion in between.

Backgrounds are mainly neutral, with fluent outlines executed with freely in black. Patches of yellow, blue, violet, orange, red or green bring the painting to life. Bahram Hajou’s painterly language is delicate, yet full of energy. In 2014 Hajou was awarded the prestigious Henry Matisse Prize, earning a full-page feature in Le Monde and widespread recognition in the art world.

Selective Show
2020 Gallery Pryzmat, Krakow, Poland
2020 Art Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany
2019 Gallery Bab, National Cultural Centre Cairo Opera House, Egypt
2019 Art fair Beirut, Karim Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
2019 Im Dialog, Akademie Franz Hitze Haus, Munster, Germany
2019 GNG, Paris, France
2018 The Fire Station, Doha, Qatar
2017 Karim Gallery, Amman, Jordan
2017 Cultural Centre in Manama Bahrain
2016 Palagio Contemporaneo, Italy
2016 Solleftea Konst Forening, Sweden
2016 Gallery Karsi Sanat’ta, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 Foyer des Stadttheaters, Munster, Germany
2015 Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair, Turkey
2015 Art Elysée, Petit Palace, Paris, France
2015 Office Kleine Gallerie, Art against violence, Vienna, Austria,
2015 Kunsthhaus Langenberg e. V Aldie Kunst (Norbrt Bauer) Dusseldorf, Germany 2014 Henry Matisse Prize, Chateau Grimaldi Museum France