Hiba Akkad

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Hiba Akkad
Also known as Heba Al Akkad, Heba Akkad, Hiba Akkad

Akkad was born in Damascus, Syria in 1981, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University in 2006, and lives and works Gothenburg, Sweden.

During the Syrian uprisings Akkad stopped painting: “I cared about what was happening around me, so I went to be with the people.” The crackdown forced her to spend more time at home, but, as she explained
“I had doubts if I was still able to paint … My painting before the revolution was very individual, I would only care about personal things. Now, I care about what is happening in the country and my experience in the revolution. If I hadn’t lived this experience with people on the street, I wouldn’t be able to paint.”
Her work is never didactic, though themes of isolation and vulnerability are pervasive. The paintings are soulful, and with their light, bright palette are reminiscent of Matisse and the other Fauves. In her dream-like images, she works to detangle feelings of loss and death, and begin to create vivid pieces of art bridging her past, present, and future. Her work becomes more and more rich, as she expands into relief, sculpture and installation works.
Al Akkad has had solo shows internationally, including at the Gislaveds Konsthalle and the Skovde Konstmuseum, both in Sweden, Europia Gallery in France, Galerie Tanit in Lebanon, Alanda Art Gallery in Jordan and Samer Kozah Gallery in Syria. She exhibits regularly in group shows around the world, including Venice, Washington DC, London, Dubai, Japan, and Germany.