Syria: A Living History Through Artists’ Eyes 12 Feb 2018 London

Showcases the work of 14 Syrian artists. An amalgamation of their individual responses and perspectives to the chaos and distress of our time, the exhibition explores the depths of personal grief, and the capacity of the human spirit to love and hope in the face of the abyss.


Participating Artists:


Adel Daoud

Mohamad Labash

Farah Azrak

Heba Akkad

Randa Mdah

Semaan Khawam

Tammam Azzam

Suhail Badour

Mahmoud Majda

Nizar Sabour

Ghylan Safadi

Shadi Abu Saada

Fadi Hamwi

Ghassan Jdeid

The evening started with a Musical performance on oud and percussion by Rihab Azar and Jamal Sakka, followed by a Reading by author and illustrator of ” The Jasmine Sneeze” Nadine Kaadan and the highlight of the event was the Storytelling performance by Alia Al-Zoughbi.

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