In Which Language do we dream?

16 October 2021
Impressions Gallery

We are familiar with the news headlines and the photographic images of the so-called ‘refugee crisis’. But what happens after displacement to those who are resettled and try to rebuild their lives? What about personal stories, and the relationships that form between new friends and new neighbors? And how do people hold on to loved ones and a past life that they had to leave behind? In Which Language Do We Dream? offers fresh insights into these issues, through the photographic perspectives of a Syrian family with first-hand experience.

The overarching questions/provocations of the symposium are:

How might photography ethically represent refugee stories?
How do displaced artists work between cultures and across borders?
Can photographs help change the traditional media narratives around forced migration?

A rich and provocative presentations and discussion by Rich Wiles, Anan Tello, Andrew Jackson, Gohar Dashti, and Ala Busier chaired by Raghad Mardini

The symposium is part of Platforma 6 that is taking place across Yorkshire throughout October 2021, produced by Counterpoints Arts in partnership with more than 20 different organizations, artists and collectives. This biennial festival for the arts by, with and about refugees. It brings together artists, organizations, and others to showcase work, develop networks and capacity, share practice and to learn.