Interview with Raghad Mardini at HOME: Through the Artists’ Eyes

On the 10/10/2020 Raghad Mardini, civil engineer and founder of Litehouse Gallery, talks to us about her inspiration behind her exhibition ‘HOME: Through the Artists’ Eyes’.

She explains how the idea for this project came after the devastating explosion in Beirut that occurred on the 4th August, 2020. The homelessness that Raghad had experienced herself made her realise the importance of the feeling of what home really is… is it the place, the people, the smell or simply just where we grew up?

A main objective of Litehouse Gallery is to build bridges between the UK and the Middle East and to create awareness and spread ideas about all topics related to being displaced, living in exile, identity, belonging and security. Thirty-five artworks from fourteen different artists were displayed at the exhibition, twelve of whom are Syrian, one of whom is Egyptian and one of whom is British.

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